Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Keeping the internet neutral

I've just read some disturbing news in regards to the future of the internet. It seems there are many forces at work trying to stipulate harsh controls and regulations upon the web, including (unsurprisingly) our own government. You have good old John McCain stating that a neutral internet is one that isn't truly free but controlled by the government (read on). Of course, while he is trying to paint current FCC regulations as part of a Socialist take-over of the web, the telecoms and cable companies are contributing to his campaign coffers.

Sadly, the attacks on Net Neutrality are not free from attacks on the Left, either. The Obama Administration is working hard to rewrite copyright laws that would stifle the web as we know it. Worse yet, they have been trying to keep it secret. Check out Michael Geist's fine article on the subject for an in depth look at what has been going on over in South Korea that could dramatically affect the way the internet operates.

If you don't think this is serious, I encourage you to read more about the subject of Net Neutrality.

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